Tina and Steve found their special place on Papineau Lake in Bancroft.

I wanted to take some time to tell you about what it's like to work with me on real estate matters, but not in a flashy, glossy, self-promotion kind of way.  So I figured I would interview some of my past clients and let them tell you!

It’s easy to get a 5-star review on Amazon when you sell a bottle of shampoo. How hard is that? Not. At. All. 

Selling a home or property is a little more complicated.  It takes hard work to make people happy with their real estate transactions.  It takes hard to work to protect clients against shady deals and massive money pits.  

It’s a good thing hard work and I became acquainted decades ago.  From the Navy to real estate, if I know one thing, it's the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be hearing from some of them about their experiences buying and selling real estate in the Bancroft area with my help. 

Tina and Steve Sharpe hired me to find them a seasonal home on Papineau Lake. We had not met prior to their search.  My number one job with Steve and Tina was to get them closer to making memories on the lake they fell in love with on a vacation.   They made some fond memories on that first trip to Papineau and my job was to help them make more. 

Steve and Tina Sharpe, Cottage Buyers with Sharon White Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage in 2016

Steve and Tina Sharpe, Cottage Buyers with Sharon White Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage in 2016

“Sharon was very accommodating with our time schedule from our first meeting and beyond. We felt at ease and comfortable with proceeding to work with her from the start,” Tina says.

Steve and Tina mentioned that they had seen other real estate agents waste time with unrealistic pricing on certain listings. They didn’t have time for that as they were eager to begin renovations on their home away from home.

For me, referring superb contractors to my clients is the norm. But Steve and Tina thought I went beyond the call of duty in that area.   And they really liked that I took the time to introduce them to their neighbors along their beautiful new Papineau Lake community.

Sharon took time to introduce us to our abutting neighbors, who we have needed to contact and consult while purchasing our shoreline road allowance.
— Tina Sharpe
Papineau Lake

Papineau Lake

Helping this lovely couple find a summer home where they could watch glorious sunsets daily was really enjoyable work for me.  I had a foundation of knowledge to work with that makes processes like buying a recreational property smooth.  And I listen.  Everything you need to know about a client is there, if you just listen. 

Not to mention, the Sharpes were great clients.  They were positive, clear and honest in every way.  

“I feel we can contact Sharon at any time to obtain information about our area. I feel we have gained a friend in Bancroft. Sharon was super knowledgeable and great to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an agent," Tina said. 

Thanks guys!

I’m sure glad I didn’t get into the shampoo business!

Have a great March!