Is house flipping on TV anything like real life? Kind of.

Yes, I watch home decor and renovation shows.  I too can get pulled into some of these reality shows about easy real estate deals on TV. Flipping houses like you're making burgers and turning a mundane backyard into an oasis in 30 minutes….wow!

It’s hard not to fall in love with these programs.   But I know the reality and it can be quite satisfying, but rarely do projects tie up neatly in a little bow. 

We live in the real world of real estate in Bancroft where not everyone working on the remodeling crew can be on the cover of a fitness magazine. Are these television contractors personal trainers or builders?

I don’t want to sound negative about these reality shows featuring home buying and selling.  There are some similarities with real life.  The reason everything goes so smoothly on a show about renovating a home or getting a house sold in three days is because of the unseen magic behind the cameras.  

It’s the team in the background, off camera that makes everything come together.

Likewise, I see this happen week after week as I connect buyers and sellers. I have had great success selling homes for motivated sellers. The same holds true for the nice folks I’ve assisted in buying their first house or a cottage for their family or retirement dreams.

And yet, there is the unseen with me as well.  I am not a one woman show.  I too have a team.  My team is made up of a network of solid people I’ve met over the years in my community.

From my fellow Realtors®, to contractors, to local shops and restaurants, to community leaders and local newspapers, I have a slew of wonderful people who make my job possible. 

In the real world, there are speed bumps on the path to buying and selling homes. We can’t just edit out the problems that pop up here and there.  That could be stressful if I were going at this business all alone. However, these challenges are hardly ever a big deal because I know I am not in this business by myself:

  1. I have inspectors I can call on a day’s notice.
  2.  I have go-to service providers who know home maintenance like the back of their hand.
  3. I have two local newspapers where I advertise for my clients, and the papers help me with graphic design and branding. 
  4. I have help answering my phone and organizing my contacts. 
  5. I have mortgage brokers, lawyers and environmental service companies that help structure deals in our region. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. The network I have behind me didn’t happen overnight like an HGTV backyard waterfall installation.  It’s taken me decades to learn the ins and outs of the real estate scene in the Bancroft area. Along that journey, I’ve met quality people whom I can trust.

They make me look good and make life easier for the clients who trust me with their real estate deals.

You can’t believe everything you see on TLC when it comes to home remodels and house flipping.  There is no doubt however, that the teams behind the scenes of these shows help make them a hit.

Similarly, my team has helped me clear the path for plenty of customers. We may not work out a deal in 30 minutes like on TV. But we work together to make the process a pleasurable one for all involved.

See you soon!