sharon white

sharon white

"Hi. I'm Sharon. I've been selling real estate around Bancroft for 27 years!

In January 2016, I launched Sharon White Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage because running my own brokerage offers three distinct advantages that I get to pass on to clients:

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships:  They say real estate is all about Location, Location, Location but I think it’s actually about relationships.  I love nothing more than when I get to help a client move through a property transition.  Because these are really the transitions of life and every Client deserves a Realtor® who gets this.  And with my own brokerage, I can put connection front and centre.   

Local Market Expertise:  I am among a handful of consistent top performers in my region because I know the market’s sweet spot for efficient sales and great buys.  Working with me is like working with a living archive of this region’s real estate transactions. This historical context matters when it comes to assessing value, predicting turns and leveraging equity.  

Competitive Commission:  My own brokerage is a lean, digitally-focused real estate operation designed to serve you without the corporate baggage.  That means that I get to offer nimble, expert services at competitive rates. 

A Flexible Suite of Services: Most brokerages offer one way to work with a Realtor®, which is to contract them on a commission basis to navigate the purchase or sale of a property.  But I want to give you options.  I want you to be able to hire me on a per-hour and per-service basis for advice and guidance.  This way, if you only need a little bit of support to answer a defined question, I can help you in real-time.  But if you want me there to completely engineer the process, I can do that too.  

For Sellers:

When you list your property with Sharon White Real Estate Ltd., you will receive a quality valuation based on my nearly 30 years of experience and a custom sales strategy.  You can trust that I will get it done. 

For Buyers:

I aim to help buyers fall in love with North Hastings, Bancroft and the surrounding communities, including Paudash, Haliburton, Minden, Apsley, Bird's Creek, L'Amable, Maynooth, Whitney and Barry's Bay.  Between the lakes, the quality roads and municipal services, the wildlife and the true rural spirit, Bancroft almost sells itself with a little help from hometown-proud Realtors® like me.  When you're buying property with me, I will set up efficient viewing strategies and help with the research required to ensure you're comfortable with your purchase.  And I am a stickler for the fine print

My Bio:

Like most people, I came into Real Estate after a career in several other fields. I am proud to have been a member of Canada’s Armed Forces serving as an oceanographic researcher. For a number of years, while I attended University on a part-time basis, I worked as a systems analyst for the Provincial government in Alberta. I also did degree work in business management at the University of Western Ontario In London.

Married with two children, who are now grown and gone on with their own lives, I always wanted to come back to this wonderful part of Canada and to reunite with my family. The interest that my husband, Wayne White, and I had in real estate made that dream a reality.

Raising a family and being a Real Estate Professional is a demanding life, but giving back to my community is paramount to me, so over the years I have volunteered as a palliative care helper, with the projects of St Marks’ Church in Paudash and with the Bancroft and District Real Estate Board.  

Although we had not yet met, I look forward to working with you helping you to realize your dreams. Please call and we’ll do it together.

Take care,