Land of their dreams in the pouring rain: Steve and Eve Johnson

Steve and Eve Johnson

Steve and Eve Johnson

Have you ever been handed a wrench at the mechanic shop when you take your car in for repair?

Or maybe your dentist gives you a drill when you sit in his chair as he kicks back at his desk.

Ridiculous right?

That’s the same thought I had when I first spoke to Steve and Eve Johnson, who were interested in purchasing land in Bancroft.

“The listing agent we first called about the land told us to just ride out there and take a look at the property ourselves. We thought he was kidding at first,” said Eve. 

I am not a big fan of DIY real estate.  There is a lot to know.  And even for clients who like doing things themselves, most eventually realize that realtors add a lot.  So I like to go with my clients to potential listings, to help them see what I see. 

The Johnsons were referred to me to help them out by the good folks at the town planning office. Steve laughed when he told me that when he emailed another person about finding a good real estate agent. The name he received was the same as the one at the planning office.  

Lucky for me the name was mine.  Thanks guys!

We took a look at the vacant land on a Sunday, in the pouring rain. The property is where the Johnsons plan to spend their retirement years.

It’s close to a national park, so you can imagine the fresh air and clean lakes surrounding the area. A great place to hang out on a porch swing with a soulmate. 

Eve used the word “unspoiled” when we spoke recently about their land. She was still excited about the slower pace she and Steve would have once they build their home there after retirement.

I asked the Johnsons what I did that stood out in their minds the most.

“We appreciated your professionalism. After getting the self-service tour from one agent, you made the sailing smooth afterward,” they said.

Eve also said my “tenacity” was impressive. I always tell folks that hustle is underrated. You can beat 90 percent of your competition in any industry simply by showing up when you say you will, and working hard when you get there.

I go back to Eve’s love for the “unspoiled” aspect of their retirement property. She said that I was one of the only real estate agents - across seven transactions - that ended up being actually positive.  

They all should be positive, from my perspective.  And I believe that starts from the first phone call. 

If that means meeting on the weekends in rainy weather, that’s part of the deal.

Have a great week,