Meet the Old Oak Barrel!

Jeff Chambers, owner and founder of The Old Oak Barrel, welcomes you to to experience a new opportunity in wine-making in Bancroft.  

With a state-of-the-art facility and a rapid fire bottle sterilizing machine, The Old Oak Barrel offers clients the opportunity to prepare 23L of wine for between $90-$200, ready in four weeks.  Jeff, formerly of Just Wine & Beer, has four years of wine-making experience and is so thrilled to help clients choose their wines, from everyday sippers to adventurous palate-pleasers.  As a client, Jeff will help you select your wine kit, mix the ingredients, prepare your bottles and set you up for homemade wine success. 

The Old Oak Barrel opened on the first of November in the newly-renovated 192 Hastings Street North.  Jeff would love for wine-lovers to stay local with their wine-making endeavours because The Old Oak Barrel is a full-service stop rivalling anything available in the larger cities. 

Right now, the opening discount is $15 off each kit purchased and there is still time to organize your wine-making before Christmas. 

Wine kits are from Canadian company RJ's Craft Winemaking at this time but Jeff is happy to explore other kit makers as the demand grows.  Kits includes wine juice, yeast, clearing agents and sweet packs for fruit wine.   Kits take between four and eight weeks to prepare.  After bottling, The Old Oak Barrel supplies corks, labels and shrink wrap for a professional look. 

The Old Oak Barrel is also happy to help supply larger events and help clients meet their needs. 

As of right now, the Barrel's hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, and Friday 9am to 1pm.  Weekends are by-appointment at this time and you can reach Jeff directly by calling (613) 334 - 5922, reach the Barrel toll-free at (888) -662-0653 or email them at

Their website has a lot of great information about the particulars of wine-making at The Old Oak Barrel and we invite you to check it out.  Follow them on Facebook for updates, promotions and flavour inspiration!

Congratulations to Jeff and The Old Oak Barrel for adding to the life and spirit of downtown Bancroft.