Knowledge is Power: Educate yourself with these reliable Canadian real estate resources for buyers and sellers.

I've been helping people find their homes and businesses since 1989.  I used to spend hours by the copier creating listing window displays for people strolling main street.  I used to carry large folders of listings around in my car so that I could let any potential client know about what was available in our community at any time. Stats and trends were previously available only to licensed professionals, and this protected the industry, certainly, but it also reduced the amount of knowledge about real estate out there to help people.  

Around 2007, things really started to change.  Facebook had just started and it would take a few years before we were doing business on Facebook but the writing was on the wall.  Email became a mainstream way of doing business.  I could text people who were lost on the way to meeting me at a bush property!  And then Google Maps started actually covering our area pretty well about 5 years ago, and that was a game changer for out-of-town clients!

But then the shift to mainstream online real estate came a bounty of people trying to confuse and manipulate people seeking to buy or sell their properties.  There is a sea of bad ideas out there on the internet, and I don't want people to be taken advantage of.

So I decided to compile a list of reputable Canadian resources to help you make great real estate decisions.  The more you study these, the more you will realize that this stuff can be complicated and hiring a Realtor® is a good idea.  Think about it like an insurance policy against expensive errors, as long as you hire one with a good reputation in your area.  


The Multiple Listing Service is the standard for the real estate industry. This is where you find real time housing prices and the most up to date listings. You may not be able to access these listings without the help of a real estate agent, so make sure that you have the right people on your side.


The Real Estate Council of Ontario is the final authority for all real estate professionals in Ontario. This is the institution that makes sure there is a level playing field for everyone who is trying to buy real estate in the area. They can be contacted at (416) 207-4800, and you should call them if you believe that you have experienced an illegality or fraud in your transaction.



If you are looking for a highly reputable product comparison website, there are few more reputable than Ratehub. A few clicks are all that separate you from various resources including precise real estate calculators, the most current mortgage rates, education centres and many other tools. The site is also highly organized, so you will be able to find the resource that you are looking for very quickly.

CMHC Calculators

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is known for having the best calculators for figuring out your real estate finances. Figures calculated are based on consistently updated rates for housing prices and insurance rates.

CMHC Home Buying Guide

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation also has a step by step guide that gives you all of the information that you need for a wise decision for a buy or a sell from start to finish. You will learn everything from real estate jargon to the financial responsibilities that you take on immediately upon becoming a homeowner.

MoneySense is a personal finance resource that has some of the best tools for real estate purchase and sale around. If you are looking specifically for real estate advice, you can take advantage of the robust search engine on the website.

money sense

money sense

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I spend a lot of time curating resources, inspiration and tips on my social media feeds for the savvy buyer and seller.  I also spend a lot of time understanding my home region and supporting local businesses.  These set me apart from my competitors. 

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sharon white on facebook!

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