A Bancroft getaway: Dragonfly Landing B&B

We have known Kimberlee for a few years.  She's been a friend and has a great eye for space, design and staging.  Earlier this year, I had a knee replacement and we asked Kim if she could help organize our home so that my rehabilitation would go smoothly.  She did an extraordinary job and I am so grateful.  Kim and her husband Rick are the owners and operators of Dragonfly Landing B&B, a gorgeous local retreat that deserves your attention.  

It is one thing to have an event; it is quite another to create an experience.  And honestly, that's what people come to cottage country for: experiences.  Dragonfly Landing B&B is a perfect location for enriched moments with family and friends.  It offers a sprawling living space with a beautiful backdrop to play host to the event of your dreams, or even just a weekend away. 

The Dragonfly Landing Bed and Breakfast is three acres of idyllic, breathtaking lakefront canvas just waiting for you.  Whether you are seeking a location to host a photogenic wedding or you just need a night away from the hustle of your everyday life, Kim and Rick are your people. 

Kim and Rick, Owners and Dragonfly Landing.  

Kim and Rick, Owners and Dragonfly Landing.  

Stellar Accommodations

Their rooms boast a modern rustic feel with a penthouse view of the beautiful Vanluven Lake, a center of activity and recreation in Ontario. You and your guests will literally enjoy the natural fruits of their labour, including gluten free and dairy free healthy, invigorating meals to start your day on the right foot.

Kim and Rick pride themselves in their attention to detail in the private rooms. Every aspect of your stay is coordinated, from the colors of your bedspread to the intimate sitting areas around our wood stoves. Just outside of your window, you will enjoy views that seem like they should be on a postcard. You can relax with just the right amount of comforts from home, including satellite TV and free Wi-Fi service. Bring Fido and Mr. Jingles as well - they are a pet friendly bed and breakfast.

A Perfect Location

The Dragonfly Landing Bed and Breakfast is walking distance away from an incredible array of vacation activities.  The Bancroft farmer's markets with homegrown produce, maple syrup festivals and local beer brews. Take in a show at the Village Playhouse or take your pick of recreational vehicles to have an adventure through the trails of Algonquin Park on bikes, sleds or ATVs. Spread your wings on a solo adventure, create the wedding weekend of a lifetime or take that corporate getaway to close the deal.  Like me, Kim and Rick see our home as full of potential and somewhere we can gladly welcome visitors. 

Paddle the York River with free kayaks and canoes courtesy of Dragonfly, along with a snack from the owners themselves. Kim and Rick are just as excited to see you have a great time as you are! For a more relaxing afternoon, take in fishing or swimming on your private dock on Vanluven Lake. Rest your head on the most comfortable bed in Canada, wake up, and do it again tomorrow!

Luxury Amenities


Dragonfly Landing aims to be the perfect marriage of modern luxury and natural grace, with all the metropolitan amenities that you wouldn't mind keeping no matter how much you are looking to "get away" - an outdoor hot tub, private porch, mini jacuzzi and high count bedsheets.

Rick and Kim Take Care of You

Whether you come to Dragonfly with a huge corporate party, with the family or completely solo, you are coming to more than a vacation spot - you are coming home. Rick and Kim, the couple behind Dragonfly, add that personal touch - call it a personal concierge, if you will - with the neighborhood charm that makes everything flow naturally within your experience. If you need anything, just ask - Rick and Kim are even closer and more convenient than the Algonquin Park trails or the beautiful fruits of the farmer's market.

Why wait? Join Kim and Rick at Dragonfly Landing Bed and Breakfast for your next event - they will make sure that you have the weekend of a lifetime in Bancroft, Ontario. 

Thanks to Kim and Rick for chatting with us, and we wish them the best luck!