The Eagle has Landed: The Sarginson family reimagines a classic Bancroft restaurant in town.

Linda and I. 

Linda and I. 

We sat down with Linda Sarginson, new owner with her husband Dave Sarginson, of the Eagles Nest Restaurant in Bancroft.  Linda and Dave were married 37 years ago in Bancroft.  Linda loves small towns and cottage country life and particularly loves Bancroft's family-oriented style.  

The newest business venture is exciting and represents a new learning curve for the couple.  They've always been interested in food and curious about different dining experiences.  Linda and Dave knew they were interested in opening a restaurant and casually explored their options for a few years.  Their daughter, Brandie, and their son-in-law, Derek Creighton - a chef with over 20 years experience - were among their greatest resources.  Derek's parents, Gord and Saidie, are the former owner of the Eagles Nest Restaurant so when they heard that Linda and Dave were keen to open up a restaurant Saidie recommended that they buy her business.  After all, Sadie and Gord ran the classic country restaurant for over 27 years, maintaining a committed clientele throughout.  

Linda and Dave asked Brandie and Derek to work at the new eatery and the dream was born.  The confidence that Linda and Dave have in their children is heart-warming.  Brandie and Derek get so much joy from planning their menu and envisioning the future of the Eagles Nest Restaurant. Four is certainly not too many chefs in the kitchen. 

Brandie, Dave, Linda and derek. 

We can assure you that the food is benefiting - our lunch was so good! My daughter and I shared a chicken soup, some onion rings and a chicken quesedilla.  The onion rings are totally unique and have a great kick at the end.  The quesadilla has beautifully roasted chicken with fresh grilled peppers and onions.  It's all real food, home-made with love. 

A recent TripAdvisor reviewer writes, "Super Friendly! Nice Atmosphere! Large Portions! Reasonable Prices! Been going to Bancroft for over 60 years and never stopped here. Sure glad I finally tried it. New owners. Completely renovated. Family friendly!"

The new Eagles Nest Restaurant opened in May at 183 Hastings Street North.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 7am to 8pm.    Every quarter, they have a Chinese Buffet with dessert.  Derek has a real knack for Chinese food and this is a really popular night.  The next one is likely to be in September.

The signature dish is The Bancroftonian Burger: A double burger with fries and onion rings that must be eaten in under 20 minutes to land your face on their wall of fame.  Linda says that it's drawn quite a loyal following.  Sorry everyone, if you eat it in under 20 minutes, the meal is not free. 

The restaurant has been attractive to out-of-town visitors.  One of the diners was a fisherman from Virginia awaiting the repair of his boat.  He has been coming to Bancroft for 40 years and this was his first stop at the restaurant.  He thoroughly enjoyed his salad with salmon. 

Thanks so much to Linda for taking time to tell us about their new endeavour.  We won't be strangers to this place. 

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