Where to eat in Bancroft: The Craftsman Restaurant

If you’re new to the area and wondering where to eat in Bancroft, you might want to check out The Craftsman Restaurant, located at 27965 Highway 28 South in Paudash.  This family run restaurant has been in business since 1955.  Current owners Jim and Ramona have operated The Craftsman since 1986, and some of their staff have been with them since the 1980’s as well!  According to their website, many of their staff, whom they call “The Craftsman Crew”, have worked with them for at least a decade or more.  They are proud of the relationships they have built over the years, both with staff and with their many local regulars who have frequented restaurant over the years.

Food philosophy at The Craftsman Restaurant: local, sustainable, fresh!

On The Craftsman’s website, you’ll find a page devoted to their food philosophy.  They talk about their belief in the slow food movement, about buying local, in-season produce, about choosing suppliers with ethical and sustainable practices, and how they update their environmental policy on a regular basis.  They offer organic, free-trade coffee and they even actively keep track of endangered species lists.  What do endangered species lists have to do with a Canadian diner?  Well, for example, they tell Ramona and Jim which varieties of fish are being over-harvested, so they can avoid serving those species at The Craftsman.

The menu is a mix of classic diner fare and more extravagant offerings.  From their breakfast menu, for example, simple bacon and eggs shares menu space with smoked salmon eggs Benedict.   Burgers, fish and chips, and open-faced hot sandwiches for lunch and dinner are listed alongside The Craftman’s hearty Texas beef ribs.  They try to provide balanced meals with healthy portions of veggies, carbs, and protein, and you can always substitute a salad for that side of fries.  Best of all, their homestyle cooking uses real ingredients and avoids lots of additives.   At least when you splurge a little on the comfort foods, you know you’re eating actual food and not a list of chemicals!

With daily lunch and dinner features, a fresh, made from scratch soup of the day, and creative burger of the week inventions, as well as weekend breakfast features, there is always something a little bit different on the menu at The Craftsman.  Join them on Wednesdays for steak night, or on Sundays for a traditional roast beef dinner.  And to keep you on your toes, The Craftsman randomly throws other special menu items into the mix now and then, such as seasonal appetizers and homemade desserts.

To keep up to date with their daily, weekly, and special features, follow them on Twitter, on Facebook, or their blog.

The Craftsman Restaurant is a piece of Bancroft history as well as a lively, welcoming piece of our present and hopefully of our future for a long time to come.  It’s another reason that Bancroft is a great place to live.  If you’re looking to move into the Bancroft area, give Sharon and Wayne White a call.  We love bringing people home to Bancroft!

Before you go, check out this awesome video posted by Michelle Annette Tremblay.  What a fantastic showcase of the beauty of Bancroft!