Book a Showing with Sharon White

By clicking below, you can book the one or more of following services at a time that works for your schedule:

  • General real estate chat: Great if you're interested in the area but want to get to know Sharon, who can then help you focus your search.  Also great if you're interested in listing and would like to see if you and Sharon will be a good fit. 
  • List your property with Sharon: This is a listing appointment where Sharon will come to your home, assess it, prepare market research and initiate a sales strategy.  
  • Showing: Sharon will meet you at a property of interest and review its merits based on your needs.  If you want to put in an offer, Sharon will facilitate that too.  If you want to do more research, Sharon can help.  She really does it all. 
  • Opinion of Value (OPV): This is a property assessment that is less formal than an appraisal but is based on comparable sales and Sharon's experienced assessment of your property and the market she knows best.  The cost for this service is $300 and Sharon accepts most forms of payment.  The Toronto Star had a good article on OPVs you can read to learn more. 

Speak with you soon!